Have you heard?

Did you know that on average each American throws away 68 pounds of textiles every year, and even though 99% of that used clothing is recyclable, 85% ends up in landfills or incinerators! Wait whattttt?? Not only that, but fast fashion companies like Zara and Forever 21 mass produce short-lived trendy clothing with poor materials that break and rip easily making those textiles less likely to be recycled! WTF!? Why are we buying new clothes that harm our environment and lack individuality when we can buy unique, second-hand pieces and live more sustainably? 

Treat yourself and our planet right. 

We want the best for you and our planet. We want you to feel confident knowing you look good and are wearing something no one else has. We know searching for cool second-hand pieces can be a lot of effort, so don't worry we've got you covered. We promise to do the dirty work of searching, washing, dry cleaning, and styling so you can find the perfect piece that fits your personality and aesthetic. Can you promise to be more conscious of the lifespan of your clothes and advocate for fashion sustainability? 

Porch Finds 

Porch Finds is an online thrift store that hosts pop-up shops all over the country in order to advocate for sustainability, individuality and overall awareness. Life's too short to wear boring clothes, so we hand-pick one-of-a-kind preloved retro pieces and travel around to college campus’, festivals, and other events and bring the Porch Finds shopping experience to you. Each event is different with bands, dj's, and other collaborators with sustainable business'. Where will we be next? Keep up with us on social media to see what the Porch Finds Squad has been up to. 





Porch Finds -  Sage Schwer

Jersey City, New Jersey

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